Empresa Altenburg


In 1922, Johanna Altenburg started making quilts by hand to ensure the family's livelihood. From her entrepreneurship came the first product by Altenburg. The company, years later, fell into the hands of Arno and Anna Altenburg. Today, the grandson Rui Altenburg teaches the paths traced by Johanna to his children.

Each of our pieces is made with the same zeal employed at the beginning of our history. From the hands of a struggling mother came one of the largest industries in Brazil, which now has two units in Blumenau (the textile hub of Santa Catarina), and one in Sergipe, an important State in the Northeast region of Brazil.

Currently, Altenburg has five stores, located in Balneario Camboriu (SC), Sao Bernardo do Campo (SP) and in the city of Sao Paulo, in the districts of Moema and Itaim; two Outlets, one next to the factory in Blumenau and the other in Sombrio (SC); and a sales office in Sergipe.

Due to the commitment and dedication applied in more than 90 years of business, today Altenburg is one of the most important brands in the textile sector, leading the pillows segment, with production of over 1 million per month, and marketed in more than 20 countries.


Generating well-being for people.


Being in all Brazilian homes and being the best solution provider for good sleep and good living.


Generating well-being to people, with beauty, comfort and quality, surprising customers and consumers, creating relationships and results with responsibility.


love / union / respect / commitment
integrity / recognition


Prêmio Mérito Logista - Brasil 2013

The Retailers Merit Award, which takes place every year, is a national award with retailers from all over Brazil voting for the companies that stand out for the set of actions developed for the Brazilian retail, such as quality of their products, prices, services, attendance, promotions, advertising and merchandising.

Altenburg was chosen, for the 12th consecutive year, the best Brazilian company in Bed, Bath and Table.

The following is the complete list of the 12 awards received by Altenburg:

  • Indication: CDL and Members
  • Received by the National Confederation of Shop Managers


















Bed, Eiderdown

Bed, Eiderdown

Bed, Eiderdown



Bed, Eiderdown

Bed, Eiderdown Bath

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2004 Bed
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2008 Bed, Eiderdown
2009 Bed, Eiderdown
2010 Bed, Eiderdown
2011 Bed
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2013 Bed, Eiderdown
2014 Bed, Eiderdown Bath

Social Projects

Altenburg exercises social responsibility by participating in campaigns and partnerships that bring a positive return for the community, contributing with product donations and collections among its employees. For this, it has the volunteer group “A Favor do Bem” (For the Good), composed of employees.

The most prominent program is conducted in partnership with Junior Achievement, in which the company helps inspire entrepreneurship in young people, benefiting hundreds of students from schools in its surroundings.


  • Employees: people management plays an important part in the programs and actions with attention to professional development of employees and the establishment of clear and comprehensive policies.

    Employees with 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 years of company experience are honored monthly, receiving a business gift and greetings from their leadership and co-workers.

    The health and safety indicators of workers are part of Altenburg’s commitment for sustainability goals described in its People Management Policy. In addition, the dependents of employees are also involved in various actions and benefits, from health care (psychotherapy and physiotherapy) to participation in the company's voluntary campaign for social institutions of the community.

  • Community: the company participates in the economic, cultural and social life of the communities in which it acts. In addition to employing and generating tax revenue for these municipalities, Altenburg values a close relationship with local citizens, working in Forums and sectoral and regional councils.

    In its Code of Ethics, it sets out the principles to act on the political scene, with support for candidates and parties.

  • Innovation and technology are some of Altenburg’s key pillars of action, being responsible for the great advantage of their products. They are also strongly present in commitments to customers and the environment.

  • Customers: the Policy and Quality Manual, as well as the company's Code of Ethics, comprise a set of procedures and commitments to assist its customers with excellence.

  • Environment: Altenburg has a strong commitment to sustainability, highlighting the attention to the use of recyclable materials in products and the responsible use of natural resources.